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The Lion and the Tiger

some things been said...

the lion says to the tiger

"hey, tiger, you like to sit around
and just enjoy the sunshine,
look at our lion girls,
enjoy the breeze, the leaves moving,
watch us hunting, watch us doing all the work
and you just hang out here - enjoying”

" the tiger responds:

"so what"

and the lion walks off, proudly shaking his head and melting into the sunset colored horizon…

and the tiger thinks:
"what a beautiful sunset!"

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modern webdesign emphasising on structure, content, images - move now!

Recommendation of the Dalai Lama

for living the next 1000 years (01.01.2006)

1. Give more to people than they expect and do it with happiness.

2. Memorise your favourite poem.

3. Don't believe everything you hear, spend everything you have and sleep as much as you want to.

4. When you say "I love you" truly mean it.

5. When you say "I'm sorry" look into their eyes.

6. Be engaged for at least six months before getting married.

7. Believe in love at first sight.

8. Never laugh at other people's dreams.

9. Love profoundly and with passion. You can get hurt, but it is the only way to live your life completely.

10. When there are misunderstandings always fight for the just Do not swear.

11. Do not judge people by their relatives.

12. Speak slowly, but think quickly.

13. When someone asks you anything you do not want to answer just smile ask why they want to know.

14. Remember that big loves and big achievements involve risks.

15. Phone your mother.

16. Say "bless you" when someone sneezes.

17. When you notice you have made a mistake, take the right course of action.

18. When you lose, do not forget the lesson.

19. Remember the three "Rs": Respect for yourself, Respect for others, Responsibility for your actions.

20. Do not let a small dispute ruin a big Friendship.

21. Marry someone you can talk with. When you get older your gifts of conversation will be as important as anything else.

22. Spend more time alone.

23. Embrace change but do not compromise your values.

24. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

25. Read more books and watch less television.

26. Live your life in goodness and with honour. Thus, when you get older and look back, you can make good use of it once again.

27. Trust in God - but lock your car.

28. An atmosphere of love in your home is very important Do everything to create a tranquil home with harmony.

29. When there is a misunderstanding with people you like, focus on the actual situation. Do not speak about the past.

30. Read what is written between the lines.

31. Share your knowledge. This is a way to achieve immortality.

32. Be gentle with the planet.

33. Pray. This is important.

34. Never interrupt someone if they are paying a compliment.

35. Once a year, go to somewhere you have never been to before.

36. Take care of your own life.

37. Do not trust anyone who does not close their eyes whilst kissing.

38. If you earn a lot of money use it to help other whilst you are alive. This is the best satisfaction of riches.

39. Remember that if you do not get something you always wished for that sometimes it is a stroke of luck.

40. Learn the rules and break some too.

41. Remember that the best relationship is the one where love for each other is greater than the necessity of each other.

42. Judge your success through things that you had to renounce to achieve it.

43. Remember that your character is your destiny.

44. Enjoy love and cookery with total abandon.

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